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Learn to use the most powerful inspection software from the inspectors perspective from an inspector.
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Jeff Herboldshimer


Bret Kaufmann
17 years of experience, Past president of ASHI-Connecticutt

Dennis Fowles
New user 2007

Various Comments



Brett Kaufmann... Brett called me and explained that he was leaving the inspection group he had been working with for over 15 years and would not be allowed to use the inspection software he had developed. After evaluating the various programs he chose 3D Inspection software but needed to customize the entire program to fit his report writing style. Brett came out and spent a Thursday and Friday with me and totally rewrote a complete formset and was using it for inspections the following Monday.

Brett says: I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for your help in getting me up-to-speed using 3D. After having inspected over 11,000 homes over the past 22 years, I was stumped trying to utilize many of the 3D features. After only 2 days with you, I was up and running, making the best reports ever. Profit has increased since I now generate my own reports and no longer need a word processor. Your ability to focus on my individual needs also saved considerable time.

Dennis Fowles.... Dennis came to me with no experience as an inspector or in the use of inspection software. We spent one day to jump start his 3D experience. Not only did Dennis leave with a good basic understanding of the inspection process, but we developed his cover page, invoice, and explored a few advanced feature for him to introduce later.

Dennis says....When I first started my inspection service, I wanted to be able to produce professional, quality written reports. There were many programs to choose from. I decided to go with 3-D inspection software. The only problem is that I was totally unaware on how to use this program and I am not very computer savvy. I contacted 3-D and asked if there was anybody in my area who would be interested in training me. They gave me Jeff's phone #, and as they say, the rest is history.
Jeff is the most patient teacher I have ever known. When I first came to him I barely even knew how to turn on a computer, much less run a program. By the time I left, I was able to understand how to write a quality report, how to incorporate pictures into the report, and how to print and e-mail reports. He patiently went  step by step through each phase of the program and did not go to the next step until he was sure I had mastered the previous step. When I left, I went home and practiced writing reports until I was able to do them with ease. When I was practicing on my own, if I came across something that I may have forgotten, all I had to do was call Jeff and he cheerfully helped me through. Even now, 2 years later, if something comes up with the program, I can call Jeff and he always helps me. I have even called him about something that was inspection related, but not 3-D related, and he has always helped me.
My reports are now professional and realtors are always impressed at the quality of my presentation. I feel my business has grown in a huge part because of the training I received from Jeff and I am confident I would not have the reputation I have today without Jeff's help. I would highly recommend Jeff to anybody who is in need of training on the 3-D program.
Various Comments...

Rich Lee... I came over for a one day class and learned a lot but I keep forgetting some of the tricks and I end up calling Jeff. Without this help I think I would be out of business. He has even used Gotomeeting to look at my computer over the internet and help me out.

Ron Regan... I have been using 3D for years and recently attended one of Jeff's classes. I was not sure what I expected to learn, but within the first hour, I learned some tricks that made my investment in the class worthwhile. Highly recommended for even experienced users.