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Jeff Herboldshimer



Estimates Sheet

The Estimates feature allows cost estimates to be entered for various inspection fields in the main Report Writer. A final separate pre-designed Estimate Sheet may be created or exported to an Excel format file using options that appear on the File menu when Estimates are enabled.

To enable Estimates:

  1. Access Estimates setup using Preferences > Preferences. Click Estimates tab.
  2. Click Enable estimates and set options as desired.

3d estimate grapic.jpg
Use range percentage: If enabled, any estimate numbers entered are automatically converted into a low-high range on the final printout (e.g. An estimate of $100.00 might print as a range of between "$50.00 - $150.00" )
Range percentage: Enter the percentage to use to calculate range, if range percentage is enabled.
Header text: (Optional) Additional general line of text to print along the top of the final Estimate sheet. Note: Inspection name and Prepared by company information are automatically printed at the beginning of the estimate sheet.

  1. Click OK to save your Preferences. Estimates are now enabled so that an Estimate field will appear in the Current Line lower pane area of inspections for entering estimates and Estimate options appear on the Report Writer File menu.

To enter Estimates in inspections:

  1. While in an open inspection on the desired field, click the Current Line tab in the lower pane.
  2. Enter the estimate amount in the "Estimate" field displayed at the bottom of that tab. Note: If no estimate field is displayed, make sure you have enabled the estimates feature (see above)
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for any additional inspection fields as you work.

To produce a final Estimates sheet:

  1. In the Report Writer, click File > Estimate > Preview/Print Estimate
  2. Use the available options to print or save the Estimate sheet to a file as desired.

Note: You may also export the estimate to Excel and attach the resulting .xls file to the Attachments, Attached files tab of the lower pane of the report in a single step by clicking Report Writer File > Estimate > Attach estimate as a file to the inspection.

Note: Advanced users of certain editions may also create custom subheading templates in Page Setup that include estimate codes to print the amounts in the main printed report. When the "Estimate" code is inserted into a template and a range is used, it will print in the format "Between $50.00 and $150.00". If no range is used, it will print in the format "$100.00".