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Jeff Herboldshimer



Cover Page…”new style with index”
The new style cover page is a table based document.  This is done to allow and preserve a particular style or layout. You will need to place the “w3d” file into the 3D inspection file. If you received this as an attached document, you can right click on the file and select save as and save to the desktop (or other file) and move to the 3D Inspection folder.  One quick way to do this is to copy the file (right click on the “new style with index” icon and click on copy) and open the 3D word processor go to file/open document.  You should see this window….
3d open document window.jpgRight click in a blank area and click on paste, this should place the file into this file.
You should now be able to open the file up and make any changes you need.
Click on the Image, it should highlight and hit delete to remove it.  Insert your image (such as your logo) into this spot and resize it as needed.

Index page…You should not need to make changes to this part of the document.  It will auto populate from the code on this document.  This will automatically be the second page of your report.  If you do not want this page, highlight the contents and delete, make sure the remaining document is now one page in length.
You will need to open the “index document template” and go to file/inspection document properties and uncheck the “print document along with inspection” box.  This will prevent it from coming in twice.